Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marineland Of The Pacific.

In addition to the two enormous tanks, there are numerous smaller aquaria or "jewel" tanks, at various locations, for specimens requiring special conditions. Even in the big tanks, different environmental conditions are provided. In the round tank that holds 600,000 gallons of sea water, drawn fresh from the ocean by pumps through a specially filtered source, the water temperature is left to fluctuate with the weather, to accommodate fish and marine life native to the region.

The sea water supply is obtained by means of a subterranean collecting drain. A perforated cement-asbestos pipe, buried in the beach below the tide level, empties into a sump where it is pumped up the hill to the tanks. The collection pipes about 2500 ft from the Oceanarium building, and the water is lifted 125 ft by two, 100-hp pumps.


  1. Marineland will always be in my top 5 of great places I have visited. WOW! What great memories. Beautiful pics!