Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Bit O History.

Knott's Berry Farm becomes fenced in 1968 they start charging admission to its amusement park the cost of admission is one dollar for adults and Twenty Five cents kids. Knott’s Berry Farm officially would become an amusement park Because of its long history; Knott's becomes "America's First Theme Park.
Art Glow Studio at Knott's Berry Farm.

The first building that Walter bought was the Gold Trails Hotel, which had originally was constructed in Prescott, Ariz. in 1868. Adhering to its authenticity, Walter brought other buildings in from deserted ghost towns and Knott's Ghost Town as it exists today emerged.


  1. I remember that entrance very well. After the new/current entrance was built, the old one remained there for years with the guest lockers located underneath it. Is any part of that structure still standing today?