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Monday, October 26, 2009

Palace of the Living Art.

Virgin and the swan a marble masterpice done in ilty.In this tranquill setting.

Venus de Milo was created by an unknown greekiartist 200 years before the birth of christ.Replica of the original made by artists of the louver in Paris.

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The Spruce Goose.

the Spruce Goose The craft was built of wood to determine whether that non-critical material could be used in lieu of metals which were in short supply in the waning years of World War II. The plane's wing span would reach beyond the goal lines on a football field. Hughes designed the Spruce Goose to carry 500 to 700 troops.

Nov. 2, 1947 Hughes climbed into toe pilot's seat and taxied the mammoth plane through to waters off downtown Long Beach. More than 15,000 persons lined the beach to watch. Hughes pushed toe bank of eight throttles forward: The engine's propellers kicked up a frothy saltwater spray on either side of toe broad-bellied bird. The plane slowly picked up speed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Spruce Goose.

Until the day Hughes died, he dreamed of flying his big wooden boat again. The plane is 218 feet long and 79 feet high. It has a wing span of 320 feet — 196 feet wider than the 747. It weighs 300,000 pounds.

The Spruce Goose, the giant flying boat Howard Hughes flew only once - and on which he spent $60 million over 30 years to keep ready to fly at any moment.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Queen Mary.

THE CITY'S PLANS for operating the Museum of the Sea aboard the Mary, conducting tours of the vessel and for operating a hotel-convention-restaurant shop complex should provide Long Beach with one of the major tourist attractions in the United States.

Purchase of the Queen Mary has achieved instant recognition for the City of Long Beach throughout the world and promises to become the greatest single catalyst for progress in the history of the city.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pacific Ocean Park.

opened to the public July 22. Inspired" by the universal attraction which the sea holds for pleasure seekers, the park has been designed around ocean wonderland theme.

Pacific Ocean Park, it was a 28 acre multi-million dollar family entertainment center located on the shoreline in Santa Monica.

Long Beach Pike.

The Cyclone Racer, the 80-mile per-hour roller coaster that claimed several lives and challenged the courage of millions of riders.

The name Pike dates back to 1906 when the area was a popular swimming spot and bathhouse. By about1915. Though, it was a booming fun zone with tumbling rides and concessions.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Japanese Village and Deer Park.

2,500 seat Sea Arena, which was built around one section of the Japanese Village inland Sea. The sea-waterway was said to be the largest inland artificial body of salt water in the world, requiring 150 tons of salt. (The two million gallons of processed salt water in the waterway are recirculated through complex sand filters by giant turbines every four hours.)

More than 300 deer imported from Nara — inhabit the park. Confined to a large holding pen ringed by other attractions, visitors are welcome to feed the deer with special crackers purchased from coin operated machines.

Two Akita dogs, a breed once used to guard; the Japanese Imperial Palace.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marineland Of The Pacific.

In addition to the two enormous tanks, there are numerous smaller aquaria or "jewel" tanks, at various locations, for specimens requiring special conditions. Even in the big tanks, different environmental conditions are provided. In the round tank that holds 600,000 gallons of sea water, drawn fresh from the ocean by pumps through a specially filtered source, the water temperature is left to fluctuate with the weather, to accommodate fish and marine life native to the region.

The sea water supply is obtained by means of a subterranean collecting drain. A perforated cement-asbestos pipe, buried in the beach below the tide level, empties into a sump where it is pumped up the hill to the tanks. The collection pipes about 2500 ft from the Oceanarium building, and the water is lifted 125 ft by two, 100-hp pumps.

Claude Bell.

Starting out at the age of 12, Bell has been doing .portraits of people ever since. His operation at Knott's has become a training school for thousands of quick-sketch artists. "I've broke in more portrait artists than any other man in history," he estimates. Bell started on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City in the early 1930s with his sketch pad and pencils, and that is where he met "Lucy," the inspiration for his Cabazon monster. Lucy, as a huge elephant-like. Building was known on the Boardwalk, was used as a hotel and later a restaurant. Built in 1909, it was a local landmark.Here is Claude do a head bust of Walter Knott.

Claude Kenneth Bell is the statue maker in residence at Knoll's Berry Farm,where he made like-size statues of people like Walter Knott, John Wayne or the famed Minuteman of Lexington and Concord fame.And the prospector at Knott's Berry Farm.