Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long Beach Pike.

The Cyclone Racer, the 80-mile per-hour roller coaster that claimed several lives and challenged the courage of millions of riders.

The name Pike dates back to 1906 when the area was a popular swimming spot and bathhouse. By about1915. Though, it was a booming fun zone with tumbling rides and concessions.


  1. I loved the Pike! My brother and I went on a spinning ride once with my grandmother and the lap bar didn't lock. The ride operator also ignored my grandmother's frantic waves for him to stop the ride. Needless to say we were never taken there again. I do remember it being kind of run down and scary....but I still loved it!

    Is that an oil derrick in the middle of the Cyclone in that second pic?

  2. I loved the Pike. Spent many a summer time there when I was a kid and lived in L.A. Had cousins that lived in Long Beach. I remember the race track rocking carousel and loved it. I'd not seen another like it and often wondered what happened to it. Probably broke down and sold for the animals.