Saturday, September 19, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm Train and Passanger cars.

There aren't enough clues in this photos for us to identify the location, but the presence of the palm trees suggests it's a team track rather than one of the area’s big railroad yards. Santa Fe's San Diego line goes through Buena Park, Fullerton, and Anaheim, and both UP and SP had branch lines down to Anaheim. One thought is that after taking the D&RGW over La Veta Pass, the cars may have gone the rest of the way on the Santa Fe. (A possible Santa Fe routing would be Pueblo–La Junta–Las Animas–Amarillo–San Bernardino–Fullerton.) Walter Knott was a thrifty, pragmatic farmer, so it makes sense that to keep his trucking costs to a minimum, he would have routed the cars as close to the farm as possible

The passenger cars were shipped to California from Alamosa in September by railcar and carried the rest of the way to the farm by Belyea Trucking Company. By January 1952.

This is the Calico engine being restored by Ed Randow, standing here on the structure above the cowcatcher.

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