Friday, September 25, 2009

Carousel of Progress.

Below is a model-community of the future in "Progress City,on the second floor of the Carousel of Progress" presented by General Electric.

Theater was a two-level structure. On the lower level, an outer ring consisting of six theaters revolved around a core of stationary stages. The theaters made one sixth of a revolution after each act of the show.

"Carousel of Progress" where six theaters revolve around a hub of stages as "Audio-Animatronics" families enact the drama of electricity's contributions to better living.


  1. The last two shots are fantastic!

    I am assuming that the panels along the wall in the second photo are fabric. They almost look like LCD panels...almost 40 years too early!

  2. George they were fabric.they were their till the end.

  3. One of my favorite Disney attractions. I always wondered if you could turn the concept into some type of dinner theater show outside of Orlando.

  4. It appears to me that the model shown here represents the theater at the World's Fair and not Disneyland. Am I wrong? Disneyland didn't have the spiral walkway in the center. Regardless, it's a fantastic photo.