Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bud Hurlbut.

About this time I went to see Walter Knott about putting a couple of amusement rides in his park. At the time he didn't see much value in putting in a couple of rides. He wanted to keep Knott's Berry Farm as a ghost town and he could not visualize it any other way. I knew Walter because I went to school with his daughters and got to know the family.

Bud Hurlbut and his days starting with Walter Knott.The first carousel that I obtained was one thatI traded for one of my trains and some cash. I kept it in storage for a couple years. I bought a piece of ranch property on Washington Boulevard with the idea that I would open up my own amusement park.Then I bought that Dentzel carousel.


  1. Fantastic color version of the photo from the cover of your book (which I have and love!) Was the Mery Go Round over at the Lagoon identical to this one? I've always wondered. And do you know if that one is still located near the Tyler Mall in Riverside? Also, do you know what happened to the Antique Auto/Tijuana Taxi cars when they were taken out? This is the Knott's that I know and love from childhood!

  2. The MGR at the lagoon was different than the one in fiesta.Also the MGR is still there.The TJ Ntaxi were pulled out little after Bud so to the Knott family.Thank You for kind words about my book.

  3. OMG! I so remember the Dentzel carousel where it was in Knott's Berry Farm. And all the band organs Bud Hurlbut had. I so remembered the very elaborate I believe Gavoli organ from France that was there. The other Dentzel carousel and antique care ride is now at Castle Park in Riverside CA.